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First Day of 10th Grade

BAAAAHHHHHH STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID LJ! I typed all that... No copy/paste-age... Yeah, anyways, I wrote an entry, it was good, now it's gone. Bye bye entry. Time to write a short, condensed version of it...

Haven't updated in quite a while, if you haven't noticed. Oh well. Umm... Let's see, watched movies, counted how many times they say "Dark Hadou" in Street Fighter Alpha, shopping, Montreal, sushi brownies... I refuse to go into detail, for I am so utterly lazy.

First day of school! Ahh! Okay, so my dad drove me there ridiculously early, I check to see what my homeroom was, and Joy was there! Yes! I wasn't alooooone! Then other people started coming, and then it was super crowded and it's a good thing I got there early... Anyways, Kathy, Wendy, Erin, and Ruby are all in my homeroom! Aiyah, I was so happy, haha... Here's what I have this semester:

  • Civics/Careers (I went so hyper this period, it was really funny... At least it was to me... Sat next to Kathy!)
  • COMPUUUUUUUTEEEEEEERS!!!! (Nyah, I have to sit next to Jef... =P Heheheheheh, kept making funny faces at Aaron, he sits right across from me!)
  • Science (With Mr. Hussey! Yeah! Should be quite easy... Sat next to Aaron, and then we had a lot of free time so I was hanging out with Erin, Marlayna, Erin, and... OH NO, I FORGOT HIS NAME! IT'S ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE! Oh well)
  • English (Blahhh...)

That's about it... Oooh, quite a few people complimented my outfit, I feel special... And my locker's 1127, if anyone wants to know... Which they wouldn't! Second floor, locker bays. Yes... Done, ciao! Can't stay long!
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