Cindy (verokku) wrote,


Grounded for the first time in my life... For 2 friggin weeks, as of yesterday...
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your grounded! Cindy how come??? thats got to suck! Are you taking art this year? i havn't talked to you much...

hope you had a good first week at school
I was late coming home from a friend's house... Blah, it was so stupid! I think my dad was just in a bad mood and wanted to make me miserable by puting me in a bad mood too. It wasn't that bad, I guess. I still got online a bit when I had "homework".

Yup, I have art next semester, 3rd period! How bout you?
art this semester 4th period lol! its great i have mrs monk so much better the mrs Noel....she was insane i swear!